Love Is In the Air (Somewhere)

Thank you Cafe Book Bean for the post – I’ll give this one a go though note that my general attitude towards Valentines and romantic…stuff…is generally along the lines of what a waste of time.  And specifically for Valentines day – a waste of money.  I’d much rather a dinner when there aren’t all the other people in the world making restaurants unbearable. Why do people feel the need to celebrate love on one day, call me idealistic but celebrate every day. On to the questions.

1) Favorite Love-Story book?

All stories are love stories. Really that’s what life is about, expanding the species, which for humans starts with love…gone are the days of Khans raping and pillaging.
I digress, I’ll choose the Charley Davidson series. It’s one of the recent series I have read and I enjoyed the story.
But Bram Stokers Dracula needs an honourable mention. Classic.

2) Share your best Valentines day memory?

I haven’t really had one. I’ve had traditionally celebrated Valentines Days, but I don’t enjoy those. My favourite in concept would be to spend the day (or more) together in a secluded area walking, relaxing, making merry.

3) Favorite fictional hero/heroine?

Hmmm. I like the idea of a heroine but all too often they’re only the support role or they’re there purely for sex appeal. I do enjoy the sass that Charley Davidson has, and she’s not bad at being hero.

4) What story has the best most memorable romantic moment; kiss, proposal, etc.?

I don’t do remembering the books as a general rule. For me reading is an escape and a time to turn the brain off. The only reason I’ll not clutch at the first thing that comes to mind is that the question asks for most memorable and nothing comes to mind, so nothing must be memorable to me.

5) What is your all time favorite Romantic movie?

Absolutely abstaining from this one. I don’t really watch romantic movies.

6) You can go anywhere for a romantic getaway (fiction or non-fiction,) where do you go?

Down the rabbit hole. It always seems like such a fun place down there.

7) Who do you want to be your valentine?

Back to the intro paragraph…

8) Chocolate or flowers?

Chocolate, flowers are pointless. I had this conversation recently, flowers are extremely temporary. I can handle a flowering plant (though am not great at keeping it alive). So chocolate wins because it gives you the immediate rush and makes the day better.

9) Novels: Romance or Adventure?

Adventure. Adventure every time. If you can throw in some fun lovin’ along the way, ideal.

10) What fictional villain, do you secretly love?

I love all the villains, all the underdogs, all those who one is generally supposed to dislike. I thoroughly enjoy the Dracula books, the darker versions are beat of course. Bram Stokers Dracula has a lovely quote “despair has its own calm”.

In proof reading this I note that I didn’t answer many of the questions, at least not in the way one is supposed to. I’ll participate in more of these and hopefully be more useful if the subject is something less Valentines Day esque. My sincere apologies.

The Rules:
1. Tag the creator (AbbieLu @ Cafe Book Bean)
2. Have fun answering the questions.
3. Tag 5-10 people to join in the fun.
4. Thank & link those who tag you.
5. Don’t worry about the rules!
You don’t need to be tagged to participate.

Love Is In the Air (Somewhere)

One thought on “Love Is In the Air (Somewhere)

  1. You responses are great. The questions aren’t meant to be conventional. They are meant to spark conversation and get to know those tagged, which by being true to yourself you did. I don’t really “celebrate” valentines day per-say, but it’s a fun theme to spark a different set of questions. 🙂 In reference to question 3. This is why I love books, books have female heroines all the time (still not as many as men though :/) movies need to get with the program! 🙂


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